Six oeuvres de Daumier (re)découvertes

Le Daumier-Register dirigé par L. et D. Noack signale la (re)découverte de six oeuvres de Daumier
(ci-dessous, le message envoyé par les concepteurs de ce site incontournable pour les amateurs de Daumier)

Once again we are happy to give you information about a Daumier re-discovery. This time we would like to introduce you to six hitherto (almost) unknown Daumier wood engravings. They have never been published in any of the work catalogues; however they were found in 1938 by Beaumont Newhall who published his findings in a specialized art journal of the period. We have now added them to the Daumier Register under the numbers DR6090, DR6112 to DR6116.

Please read the 1938 article by Mr. Newhall in the DAUMIER NEWS, where you will also see the photographs of these six charming little wood engravings (