Daumier un mauvais génie ?

Les fondateurs du site Daumier Register nous informent de la parution en ligne d’un article visant à démontrer que Daumier, contrairement à ce que pensent beaucoup, n’est pas un dessinateur de si grand talent. A chacun de juger…

Nous reproduisons ci-dessous le message de Lilian et Dieter Noack. Le lien ci-dessous renvoie à l’article en question:

« Dear Daumier friend,
As you know, the Daumier-Register endeavors to make Daumier’s work ‘more available’ to the public. We, Lilian and Dieter Noack, are the two persons responsible for the creation, maintenance and the future of this research tool. Having been collectors and admirers of Daumier’s oeuvre for more than 40 years may create an asphyxiating feeling of entitlement that Daumier certainly must have been the greatest artist in the 19th century, as repeatedly confirmed by Baudelaire, Alexandre and other admirers. Or was he?
It therefore is highly unusual to find a very well written article by Alexander Roob, who claims and argues precisely the opposite. He aims at Daumier’s lack of imagination (remember our last Newsletter?), comparing him with fellow artists like Traviès, Grandville etc. Heresy?…. we think not!
We invite you to look at this unusual, well founded, albeit disturbing article under the following link:


Lilian & Dieter Noack
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