Lithographies de Daumier et de ses contemporains

Lithographies de Daumier et de ses contemporains à vendre
Voir ci-dessous le courrier de Liliane Noack  (Daumier Gallery)

C h e r s   a m i s   d e   D a u m i e r,


for the beginning of September I have prepared a selection of lithographs
by Honoré Daumier and his contemporaries, covering some among the most
requested topics.

I am sending you here below the links, where you can browse through the
offers. Please note that I am also sending you the offers as PDF’s in the
attachment, in case you cannot open the links:

– Bicycle and Balloons:

– Finance and Stock exchange:

– Wine, Wine harvest, Absinthe and Drinking:

Should you be interested in other topics, please don’t hesitate to inform
me: I will be happy to come back to you with a personalized offer.

I hope that you will find something interesting for your collection. Many
caricatures are also particularly suitable as a gift for a special
birthday or for special occasions like a diploma or retirement, etc.

As usual all original lithographs offered by the DaumierGallery are
delivered with a certificate of authenticity and money back guarantee.

Special offer for collectors:

I am pleased to offer a very interesting combination of artwork:

– “Album du Siège”: a joint album by Daumier and his colleague Cham.
I hereby enclose a link to the 10 prints by Daumier:

In case of interest I will be glad to provide photographs of the Cham
I am offering the entire album containing 10 lithographs by Daumier and 30
prints by Cham. An unusual and quite rare piece of Art, describing
Napoleon’s III debacle in the French Prussian war of 1870/71 ending with
the Prussian Victory at Sedan.
All the prints are on wove paper without text on the reverse and in
excellent condition.

– In addition to the unusual « Album du Siège » I am offering an original
drawing  closely linked to this Album:
I would like to invite you to see the photograph in the attachment of the
offered drawing DR10914. You will note at first glance the similarity to
the lithograph DR3845 from the « Album du Siège », showing “Marianne”,
personifying « La France ». She is pointing at the electorate who had made
the wrong decision when voting for Napoleon III resulting in the 1870 war.
(Another similar execution of this drawing is the lithograph DR3566, which
I am sending you in the attachment, too).

In case you are interested in this highly unusual combined offer, I will
be happy to send you further details and price information. The drawing
will be entered in the forthcoming work catalogue of Daumier’s drawings
under the number: DR10914.

J’espère vous lire bientôt.


Meilleurs salutations,

Janine Noack