Editorial cartoon au Pakistan

« Editorial cartoons : Drawing from Life », un article sur le dessin de presse au Pakistan, par Faryal Najeeb. A lire sur le site de The Express Tribune.

It is said that art makes life; it creates interest and thus assigns importance. There are few other peaceful substitutes that can compete with the force and beauty of this process. In this respect, the often neglected cartoonist comes to mind, for within him lies the unparalleled ability to simplify and eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Cartoonists do not merely provide amusement; in fact they address great matters, laying bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.

For the first time ever, in recognition of the service rendered by the profession, a global level editorial cartoon competition has been announced in Pakistan, where the winning art work can take home a thousand dollars in cash.

The number of entries from Pakistan to date: None.

“I personally approached 27 dailies of Pakistan to inform them of the contest and I am surprised to see absolutely no interest from our country. It’s really sad,” said Hammad Siddiqui, project manager for Centre for International Private Enterprise (Cipe).

Cipe is the organisation which has organised the Global Editorial Cartoon Competition 2011. The contest which is inviting entries till April 17, 2011, has three categories: Democracy, women equality and anti-corruption.

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